How Do I Accept An Offer?

You may receive an offer on a digital collectible you own, which you can either:

  1. Accept at any point whilst the offer remains on your digital collectible; or

  2. Ignore as you are under no obligation to accept an offer and can keep your digital collectible.

The current top offer displays on an NFT.

Please be aware that blockchain transactions are irreversible, so you should always check an offer you have received before accepting it.

As the offer is a blockchain transaction made by the offeror wallet to a digitable collectible, the only ways for an offer to be removed is by:

  1. The offeror removing the offer; or

  2. The owner of the digital collectible accepting the offer.

xHaven Marketplace only displays offers which are capable of being fulfilled.

E.g., If a user makes an offer, they must have sufficient balance to cover it. If their balance falls below the offer amount, xHaven Marketplace will 'hide' the offer. As soon as they have sufficient balance again, xHaven Marketplace will again 'display' the offer.

Where Can You See offers On Digital Collectibles?

  1. Offers you receive appear on the digital collectible in your profile, beneath their name.

  2. Offers you receive also appear on the digital collectible item page:

    1. The highest offer displays beneath the digital collectible's image; and

    2. All offers display within the digital collectible's 'Offers' tab.

What Should I Do Before Accepting An Offer?

Before accepting any offer, you should carefully review it to ensure that you are happy to accept it.

Once an offer is accepted, the contract is complete and cannot be undone.

If you click 'Accept offer', you are presented with a further opportunity to review the offer, whereby the dollar amount is provided. It shows you:

  1. What the total offer is, prior to any marketplace fee and/or royalties; and

  2. What you will receive after any marketplace fee and/or royalties.

After carefully reviewing what you will receive from an offer, only if you are happy to accept it, you should click 'Accept offer'.

You will then be prompted to sign a blockchain transaction by your wallet provider to confirm this transaction.

With any offer, you should ALWAYS carefully review what you will receive BEFORE accepting it.

Blockchain transactions are irreversible.

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