How Do I Import Bifrost Wallet Into MetaMask?

Bifrost Wallet is the native crypto wallet for Flare & Songbird. It is possible to import your Bifrost Wallet into a MetaMask wallet if you'd prefer to transact on a laptop/desktop.

Import Bifrost Wallet into MetaMask on Desktop

  1. Open your Bifrost Wallet and select the 'Settings'.

  2. In 'Settings', select 'Recovery Phrase'.

  3. You will be directed to a prompt page (which explains what a 'Recovery Phrase' is) and select 'Continue'.

  4. You will then be directed to your Bifrost wallet's 'Recovery Phrase' and an important notice about keeping your 'Recovery Phrase' safe.

    IMPORTANT: It is safer to write your 'Recovery Phrase' on paper. Never share your 'Recovery Phrase' with anyone as it will give them access to your crypto wallet.

  5. Go to the official MetaMask website at When on the MetaMask site, click the 'Download' button.

  6. On the next page, click the 'Install MetaMask' button.

  7. Then, click the 'Add to' button. In the example below, Brave Browser is being used, but you can use other Browsers, such as Chrome.

  8. A pop-up should appear for you to add MetaMask, click the 'Add extension' button.

  9. Once the MetaMask extension has been added, click the 'Get Started' button.

  10. You will then be given the options of importing a wallet with a Secret Recovery Phrase, or creating a new wallet. To import your Bifrost wallet, select the 'Import wallet' button.

  11. You will be asked if you would like to allow MetaMask to gather data to help improve MetaMask, select your preference.

  12. You will then be taken to page which allows you to import the 'Recovery Phrase' from your Bifrost Wallet. Carefully enter the 'Recovery Phrase' (with spaces between each word), create a password (which you should keep safe) and agree to the MetaMask 'Terms of Use' (you should always read Terms).

  13. Once you have completed the above step, click the 'Import' button and enter your Bifrost Wallet.

  14. You will then be told you have completed importing your wallet. Click the 'All Done' button.

  15. If not already done, you will then have to add Flare and Songbird to your MetaMask wallet.

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