xHaven Collection

The xHaven Collection is allocated 10,000,000 tokens (4% of total supply).

xHaven Collection NFT holders will be eligible for xHaven Collection rewards.

25% will be initially unlocked, followed by a cliff period of 4 months. After the 4 month cliff period, tokens will be unlocked according to a vesting schedule of 6.25% per month over 12 months.

The merging into one cohesive collection marks a strategic move towards harmonizing the xHaven Collection to allign it more closely and effectively with the rebrand and direction of the project.

The consolidation not only streamlines the overall aesthetic and thematic coherence, but also achieves a unified vision in-line additional tech-stack offerings, thereby enhancing appeal and marketability allowing a seamless pivot towards the ever evolving objectives and goals, whilst optimizing the distribution of token rewards across the collection.

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