Voting Power

A user’s Voting Power is determined as the number of XVN tokens delegated in the governance contract at the time a proposal was created. Any tokens delegated, received or bought after a proposal is submitted cannot be used to vote in the proposal and will be counted as Voting Power only for any following proposals. Voting Power must be delegated to the user’s own address or to the address of a trusted Steward in order to activate it and cast it in a vote.

Delegating XVN tokens in the governance contract generates Voting Power equal to the number of tokens delegated. Voting Power is obtained by staking the project's token in the Governance module for a certain duration.

More formally:

VP=T×MVP = T \times M


  • VPVP is voting power.

  • TT is the number of tokens staked.

  • MM is a duration based multiplier.

MM can then be defined as follows:

M=1+0.4×D0.25M=1+0.4 \times D^{0.25}

Where (DD) is the duration of the stake in weeks, this gives the following multiplier curve based on duration (the same multiplier used for the daily rewards distribution):

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