Platform Rewards

Platform Rewards for buyers & sellers on the Marketplace will be distributed on an epoch basis to prevent intra-day trading spikes. Each year will be 12 epochs. Thus, the duration of each epoch is dependent on the number of days in the year:

  • For years with 365 calendar days, this equals 30.416 days per epoch.

  • For years with 366 calendar days, this equals 30.5 days per epoch.

The xHaven platform will distribute 32.56% of the 0.02% daily reward pool allocation as incentives for Marketplace buyers & sellers, which is equivalent to 0.0065%. This setup means that for each 30-day epoch, the platform will give away 0.195% of the tokens in the reward pool to buyers & sellers.

The rewards will be distributed based on the following formula:

Ru=RE×TVx1nTV1...TVnR^{u} = R_{E} \times \frac{TV^{x}}{\sum_{1}^{n}{TV_{1}...TV_{n}}}


  • RuR^{u} is the individual reward for user X for the epoch.

  • RER_{E} are the total user rewards for the particular epoch.

  • TVxTV^{x} is the total value of digital collectibles bought/sold by user X for the epoch.

  • 1nTV1...TVn{\sum_{1}^{n}{TV_{1}...TV_{n}}} is the total trading volume, i.e., the sum of all buying and selling activities of the users in the system for the particular epoch.

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