xHaven Foundation

The Foundation is allocated 45,000,000 tokens (18% of total supply).

The xHaven Foundation, a non-profit entity, provides the foundation for transitioning into the decentralized autonomous organization with ultimate ownership of the xHaven protocol.

20% will be initially unlocked, followed by a cliff period of 12 months. After the 12 month cliff period, tokens will be unlocked according to a vesting schedule of 6.67% per month over 12 months.

The Foundation has multiple responsibilities, including the issuance and distribution of allocated XVN tokens according to the tokenomics, initial oversight and responsibility for the maintenance and development of the protocol, distributions of any awarded grants,, facilitating the Governance Token Distribution Mechanism, and ultimately, responsibility for handing over the ownership of the protocol to the DAO as the Governance Process progresses through the requisite stages.

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