DAO Governance

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DAO Governance

The xHaven protocol will begin as a centralized through the Marketplace app and gradually decentralize the underlying protocol on which the xHaven is built.

The xHaven protocol will be governed by its DAO members via the XVN token.

Creating a community and a functioning governance framework is a massive undertaking. Lest the whole is less than the sum of its parts, it needs to be created carefully with checks and balances.

The evolution of the DAO will have three distinct stages:

  1. Early days - during this period, the team is in complete control of the project, and no voting is done. This is because there will be bugs and events requiring immediate hotfixes, which cannot be done democratically.

  2. Semi-decentralization - during this period, the team is still in complete control of the project and can deploy hotfixes same as above, but for the non-urgent decision, it can take community input via a forum or even via off-chain voting like a snapshot - https://snapshot.page/#/

  3. Complete decentralization - during this stage, the project is fully decentralized, and all decisions are made via a strict procedure, and all voting is done on-chain.

The following describes, in adequate detail, the fully mature DAO (stage 3), its processes, and structure.

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