LP, Simple Staking & Governance

LP, Simple Staking & Governance rewards will be distributed based on the following formula:

RD%=Cx1nC1CnR_{D\%} = \frac{C_{x}}{\sum_{1}^{n} C_{1} \ldots C_{n}}


  • RD%R_{D\%} is the % allocation of the daily reward for user X.

  • Cx{C_{x}} is the contribution of user X for the particular full day.

  • 1nC1Cn{\sum_{1}^{n} C_{1} \ldots C_{n}}is the sum of the contributions for all of the users in the system for this particular full day.

A user contribution is defined as follows (based on the items above):

For items with a multiplier (MM), we can further define the contribution CxC_{x} as a function of the multiplier and the tokens staked (TT) as follows:

Cx=T×MC_{x} = T \times M

Then finally, we can define MM as a function of the duration for which the tokens as staked (in weeks), as follows:

M=1+0.4×D0.25M=1+0.4 \times D^{0.25}

Where (DD) is the duration of the stake in weeks, this gives the following multiplier curve based on duration:

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