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xHaven Foundation will incentivize ecosystem participants via the reward pool.

The reward pool is allocated 107,500,000 tokens (43% of total supply).

The exact rewarded actions and incentive amounts will be up for governance; however, the initial set of rewarded actions is:

  • Provide liquidity for the XVN pairing on AMMs and stake the resulting tokens (32.56%).

  • Participate in single sided staking (16.28%).

  • Participate in the system governance (18.6%).

  • Buying & selling on the Marketplace (32.56%).

The rewards will be distributed from a fixed supply reward pool daily and will be based on the outstanding tokens in the pool. The xHaven platform will distribute 0.02% of the outstanding tokens in the pool daily to all groups of people eligible for rewards.

The above setup means that:

  • The reward pool can never be depleted since the rewards are always distributed as a percentage of the outstanding tokens in the pool.

  • The rewards get less and less over time (Bitcoin style), but the net USD value of the rewards might increase in case the price of the XVN token increases.

  • This rewards mechanism provides capped inflation and is compatible with fixed supply tokens (as opposed to perpetual inflation).

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