Phase 1: Signaling Proposal

  1. A user starts a thread in the Discord community of xHaven. If they are eligible, they draft a signaling proposal on Snapshot with an adequate title containing [Signal] at the start or end of the title. The proposal should adhere to a comprehensive draft standard, which illustrates the proposal, its benefits, technical feasibility (if applicable), and potential downsides. The poll post should also contain a link to the forum discussion and any other applicable resources. Signaling proposals require a minimum of 0.5% of delegated VP to be created. If the author of the thread does not meet the requirements to create signaling polls, another community member with enough VP can do it for them or delegate their tokens to the author. Stewards can also assist authors in this, but it is not a mandatory part of their role.

  2. The user is responsible for promoting the proposal and facilitating productive discussion. Concerns are addressed and improvement suggestions are gathered. A signaling post should be linked in the forum discussion by their author.

  3. The community votes on the signaling proposal and if an option other than “No/Make no change” has a plurality (highest number of votes), it can proceed to the next stage. Voting lasts for a period no greater than 72 hours. The proposal will need to gather in order to be considered valid. A quorum for a signaling proposal is 1% of voting power available on Snapshot. If that threshold is not reached, the proposal is considered rejected regardless of votes cast among options. This type of voting is suitable for Yes/No votes as well as multiple options.

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